Rian shortly after getting Fkn Bashed

Rian Peak, a well respected sports radio journalist, and all round nice guy was innocently having a joke among colleagues at work

when he felt the wrath and pain of a fkn bashing.

Tensions were high after a successful guriella campaign from the Peak camp leaving the ficko nationals with a bruised ego. The final straw was a minor strike on Ficko by the Peaks who tampered with the Ficko's gas lift chair back release. this was the final insult for the Fickonians and they sought revenge on their sworn enemies.

Ficko had appealed to the UC (United Caillin) to allow their decleration of war but the UC instantly dismissed this request, seeing no reasonable solution to come from this. Despite this Ficko launched a suprise attack on Peak.

There was a deafening roar of


then with surprising agility and speed, and unrivaled power a kick to the shin was delivered.

followed shortly by a sickening crack, the unmistakable sound of bone being shattered.

Rian was unavailable for comment on this incident.

however several witnesses have confirmed that he blacked out soon afterwards.


Xray Courtesy of FMIG Moonee Ponds

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